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2005 Camary is linked to two sudden acceleration cases causing death. NTSB says there is still no problem with the car..


Two people have died due to sudden and unexpected acceleration of their 2005 Toyota Camary. The National Transportation and Safety Board still maintains that there is no problem with the car. Let me tell you the facts as reported by the police departments that investigated the accidents. You can probably see that a defect exist, why can’t the NTSB?

Anne Ezal was going to lunch at the Pelican Point Restaurant in Pismo Beach,California. The restaurant parking lot was downhill of the restaurant. After travelling down the hill and coming to a stop in a parking spot at the bottom of the parking lot hill, the Camary suddenly accelerated, jumped a curb, went through a fence, negotiated a dirt extension of the lot and then tumbled over the bluff, a feature of the restaurant views. There was no reason to accelerate after pulling into the parking spot and coming to a stop. The vehicle fell 70 feet killing the driver. There was no explanation why the car suddenly accelerated, and why it kept accelerating though the entire distance traveled before careening over the cliff. The passenger witness said that the driver was doing everything she could to stop the car while approaching the cliff.

In Oklahoma later in 2007, Jean Bookout and her friend Barbara Schwarz were exiting a Highway ramp in Oklahoma. She was also driving a 2005 Camry. The car suddenly accelerated, and to try to stop the car, the driver put on the emergency brake, leaving 100 feet of skid with one tire alone. The vehicle would not stop and the car ran into an embankment with huge force, causing the wrongful death of the passenger and severely injuring the driver.

Someone needs to wake up at the NTSB. While an investigation was conducted that inspected the cars, nothing was found. For a thorough analysis of the investigation, see this article in The Safety Record, by Safety Record and Strategies Inc. Isn’t the purpose of the NTSB to protect us from faulty cars. More than a cursory investigation is needed where evidence so clearly points to a problem when these cars are going off the road. In the mean time, buy a 2005 Camary at your own risk.

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