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Anyone Hear of Morgellons?


I was introduced to this terrible condition two years ago. So why discuss this today? How is it relevant to you? Please take a moment to read on.

A good friend started having breakouts that caused him to feel like bugs were crawling under his skin. He became quite sick, as did a family member. Soon, he was at the doctor’s office and undergoing multiple tests.

Eventually, all the tests came back normal. He had neither a virus nor an apparent bacterial infection nor elevated chemical panels in his liver or kidneys. The doctors threw up their hands saying, “We do not know what it is.”

He began to research the condition. I hired a professional researcher to help as well. When he examined the lesion on his skin, he could pull out a fibrous material. Under a microscope it looked a lot like Morgellons.


Despite the physical evidence, doctors were telling my friend that his condition isn’t explainable; that he must be picking at his skin causing this condition and that it is probably stress. Some people have been under the same scrutiny and getting the same advice as you can see from this site discussing Morgellons.

Soon we had numerous physical specimens. We also had plenty of doctors telling us that they weren’t identifiable. The experience was harrowing for him, a real hardship.

Ultimately, we discovered that thousands of people suffer from this and are without any help. See the latest study of Kaiser patients.

My friend moved out of the home in which he had been living at the onset of his symptoms. In the following months, his condition cleared up. We concluded something in his prior home must have been causing the breakouts.

We are only speculating, but the incidence of Morgellons seems to be growing, especially in California. His house was like so many, nothing unusual, but there was something in it that must not have been right. Fortunately, he moved and his condition improved.

We are of the unscientific opinion that the cause of Morgellons is something normally found in many homes, and yet the scientific and medical communities want to treat it as a disease of the mind. I am convinced something lurking in all our homes is a contributing factor-though some homes may be worse than others and some people more susceptible.

A new site has recently been added to the web, Its creator is proposing exactly what we suspected: the environment in the home is causing the condition. If you know anyone with this oft-misunderstood condition, refer him or her to the site. I imagine in the coming months, the results may prove it necessary for all of us to test the environments of our homes.

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