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Athlete injury from accidents and delays to recovery


Athletes and accidents: the pitfalls that delay recovery.

Athletes that sustain serious injury in an accident are almost always unaware and unprepared for the challenges they will face, and most will delay their recovery if they do not get sound advice. Until now, there was no source of advice, no compilation of experiences, shared by other athletes. Each athlete had to learn the hard way about the pitfalls to rapid recovery.

The pitfalls are unique to athletes because of their unique mindset, a way of accomplishing goals that heavily relies on tenacity and drive. Unfortunately, most athletes have never faced the adversity caused by serious injury, and the habits and traits they have relied upon in the past do not work. They are destined to suffer additional injury, or setbacks because the will just “work through” the pain and challenges that are ahead.

Now an athlete can obtain knowledgeable advice and coaching. Author James Ballidis has synthesized experiences of elite athletes that are faced with a recovery from an accident. As a personal injury attorney representing those athletes, the book, Athletes in Accidents, Nine Pitfalls to Your Full Recovery, outlines nine strategies that an athlete can use, and the pitfalls to avoid during your recovery.

Common Pitfalls include:

1. Selecting the right medical professional, not just the general practitioner, or a doctor unfamiliar with athlete recovery.
2. Should you rely on your coach or trainer for your recovery regimen? 3. Are you now feeling left out because you cannot train and your social circle is made up of other athletes that you trained and competed with.
4. Do you know what to do if the doctor or therapist is not getting you better? Don’t quit, fix the therapy regimen!

The athlete has unique circumstances that must be addressed when they are involved in an accident. Know your capabilities rights and pitfalls to a full recovery from an accident by obtaining a copy of this book. You can call 1 866-981-5596 to order a copy for a reduced price of $7.00 or you can order the book on

James Ballidis is an author of a number of books on personal injury and auto accident injury in California. He is a managing partner of Allen Flatt Ballidis and Leslie in Newport Beach, California.

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