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California Injury Lawyer Warns Against Foot Injuries Resulting From Escalator Accidents


A California family is suing the manufacturers of the popular children’s plastic shoe called, “crocs” for their daughter’s escalator entrapment injury this summer. The serious injury occurred while the Geshke family was on vacation and their eight year old daughter’s plastic shoe got caught in an escalator. Her foot was severely lacerated to a point where her bones were protruding. The young girl was fortunate that they did not have to amputate part of her foot but she has been in rehab for months.

A recent investigation indicated that 76% of all escalator accidents occurred while the victim was wearing a croc-type plastic shoe, explains a California injury lawyer. Annually there are approximately 10,000 foot injuries resulting from such accidents, and most of them are associated with the type of footwear the victim wore: plastic, flip flops, or barefoot.

Due to the many recurring lawsuits, a couple of years ago the manufacturer, Croc, Inc, started placing labels on its shoes warning parents of possible serious escalator injuries. They advised parents to hold their children’s hands during escalator rides and to observe escalator-safe practices. The main problem with this warning label is that millions of families that bought these shoes before the caution was available are not aware of the potential danger.

Industry experts believe that escalator accidents are preventable. Two major areas of focus are new technological designs like step-safety side plates and requiring better routine maintenance such as lubrication of side panels. Since most of the accidents occur while the rider is stepping on or off the escalator or standing too close to the side.

Even though escalators in general are safe, we must remember that an escalator is a six-ton moving machine and we should ride with caution. Both the industry and parents need to work together to prevent serious foot injuries to themselves and their children, advises a California injury lawyer.

Currently the financially troubled Croc, Inc has not admitted guilt but has settled several cases to avoid costly litigation. They recently laid off one-third of their workforce and lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Besides the costly accident litigation, they are being sued by their stockholders for providing false information.

The second week in November will be National Escalator Safety Awareness Week. Let’s not wait to review safety tips to protect ourselves. The Elevator/Escalator Safety Foundation has compiled additional children’s safety tips while riding escalators; visit the safety foundation’s website for kid-friendly tips and suggestions.

Most importantly, when entering an escalator, especially with young children, hold their hand and stay as far to the center of the step as possible. Grasp the handrail and face forward at all times. Don’t lean against the side rails or place shoes near them. When exiting, step off the moving stairs promptly, and step over the teeth at the bottom. Don’t shuffle off or hesitate because there can be people directly behind you.

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