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California is number one for a lot of things; entrepreneurs, great quality of life and diverse beauty, but highest speeding related fatalities? Yes, it’s not something to be proud about. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration (NHTSA), California ranks number one in speeding accidents in both interstate and non-interstate roadways. Moreover, the period between Thanksgiving to Christmas has the highest accident rate, and is a California personal injury lawyers busiest time as well. One reason is that many Californians are taking long road trips to visit family and enjoy winter vacations.

By far, traffic is a spoiler of many long trips; unexpected detours, traffic congestion, and accidents. Wouldn’t it be nice to have traffic alerts come directly to your computer, cell phone or other handheld devices? Well, now a company provides online solutions to your traffic problems. will help Christmas travelers get to their destinations faster by knowing the best time to leave and the best route to take. Knowing the best route can save both time and fuel, and with todays fuel costs, this can save you lots of money.

After logging in on their website,, you can sign up for free, personalized “MyTraffic Solutions” for all U.S. metropolitan areas, including Orange County and the whole Los Angeles area. In addition to real time traffic, you can also plan your whole trip by choosing the fastest route, road incident details and of course, holiday congestion. Lastly, you can sign up for personalized traffic congestion alerts sent directly to your desktop, mobile device or phone via text. They also have a toll free traffic hotline, 1-866-698-7232.

If you are constantly on-the go, but stay mainly in Orange County, another option available to you is a PDA-like device called traffic gauge. This gadget is about the size of a deck of cards. It is a real time mobile device that shows you all of Orange and Los Angeles counties freeway system, bottlenecks and all. It updates itself every 4 minutes, pinpoints traffic slowdowns and monitors over 850 freeway miles. They are available for several metropolitan areas, but require a subscription. For less than $50, not a bad investment if you consider your time is money!

Now that you are smoothly driving towards Check road conditions in advance. In addition to the above two options, you can

– check real time traffic at the Federal Highway Administration’s site,

· Check weather conditions. Weather forecasts are available at

· Take regular breaks. Caffeine is only temporary. It is recommended to stop about every 100 miles, especially if you’re traveling with children and pets. Drowsy driving kills more than 1,550 people a year and injures over 71,000 people in the U.S.-don’t be a statistic.

· Always have a least one cell phone with you. Odds are at least one will be charged.

· Always wear your seatbelt.

· Try to drive during daylight hours. Visibility is better and probably you will be fresher to drive. In lowlight, night driving there are other factors to consider, such as oncoming headlights, drowsy drivers and intoxicated motorists.

· Don’t drink. The holiday season is the worst for drunken driving accidents.

If you happen to be in an accident over the holiday season, remember to take care of your loved ones first and then call a professional personal injury attorney second. They can assist you through the difficult process.

Happy Holidays