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California Leads The Nation In Fatal Traffic Accidents Involving Speeding


Speed was discovered to be the main cause of the Huntington Beach accident that killed an 18-year-old man earlier this month. The Orange County coroner has identified the man as Michael Serna, a local resident. He was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control, missed a curve, and then spun out of control. The car then hit a light pole, which tore his Honda in half, ejecting the teen. He died at the scene from major trauma. Unfortunately, California leads the nation in fatal traffic accidents involving speeding, explains an Orange County auto accident attorney.

According to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Traffic Safety Facts,” there were 13,040 total speeding fatalities in the U.S. and, tragically, 1,464 were in California. In fact, speed accounts for 32% of our nation’s fatal auto accidents.

Only 5% of the 41 million drivers that receive speeding tickets each year actually contest that ticket. Hundreds of cars are speeding every day on Southern California’s freeways, but few are caught.

While many drivers justify their speeding by traveling only 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit for short periods of time, there are other factors besides speeding that can be crucial to your safety. Shorter stopping distance is critical. When you are driving 30 mph, the average car will need around 109 feet to stop. Increasing your speed to 60mph more than triples your stopping distance to 303 feet.

Research has indicated a strong correlation between speeding and the risk of an injury or fatal traffic accident, explains an Orange County auto accident attorney. For example, if you are driving in a 35 mph zone and then increase your speed to 40 mph, your risk is twice as likely as before to be involved in an injury accident. When the speed of your vehicle increases to 45 mph, the risk increases to four times.

The threat of injury and death increases rapidly with increases in your speed. In many cases, the driver may not be able to brake or swerve to take evasive action in the presence of danger. The less time you have to react to another car, pedestrian, or an unexpected object in the road, the higher probability is that you might have an injury accident.

Surveys reveal that over 90% of all licensed drivers speed at some point in their driving career. In fact, 75% of drivers admit to speeding on a regular basis. So who are the reckless drivers? They are young, middle-aged, and old; men and women; they drive luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs and family cars.

Sadly this week another 21 people were injured when a speeding BMW ran into the side of a school bus in Los Angeles. The impact was so great that the bus flipped onto its side. Most of those injured were school-aged children. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the injured victims.

Everyone at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to offer their condolences to the family of Michael Serna, the young man involved in the fatal Huntington Beach traffic accident.

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