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California Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Offers Back to School Safety Tips


As our children go back to school this September, many of them will walk there for the first time on their own, which can be an exciting experience. For those of us that are parents, however, letting go can be pretty scary. We work hard to make sure our kids know right from wrong and hope when we aren’t around they are always using their best judgment.

As a father and a California pedestrian injury lawyer, I’m well aware of the statistics indicating that nearly 100 American children suffer serious injury every day from accidents involving motor vehicles, which is why I want to share some pedestrian safety tips.

Before you let your kids start walking to school on their own, make sure they have a firm grasp on these pedestrian safety tips.

1. Look left-right-left before crossing and always keep an eye out for approaching traffic while crossing.
2. Always walk on the sidewalk, and remember to stay out of the street unless you are crossing.
3. Remember to always cross at designated and posted pedestrian crossings. If there are no designated cross walks, make sure they know to cross at street corners.
4. Obey all traffic lights and signs and pay close attention to the neighborhood crossing guard, if there is one. NEVER try to cross a street by running out between cars.
5. Stay visible by wearing bright colors and reflective gear whenever possible.

This information comes from an article I found recently, “Back to School in Kansas City:
Child Pedestrian Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy School Year”
by Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer, James Roswold at Roswold Law Group. I think it does a great job of making clear the points our children need to know about pedestrian safety. I hope you find it useful as well.

The California pedestrian injury lawyers at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to wish you and your family a safe September.

Additional articles on pedestrian safety, rights, and accidents are available free of charge to the public. For more information, or to speak with a California pedestrian injury lawyer, feel free to call 866-981-5596.

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