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California personal injury attorney settles disputed liability auto accident claim for $140,000 .


Last week, Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie settled a hotly contested claim for $140,000. A wonderfully active woman in her 80’s was driving in Huntington beach through an intersection, when struck by a patrol car. The officer testified that he was operating under lights and siren to a previous accident and therefore was justified in traveling through the intersection on a red light.
There was also a contention that our client did not have a hearing aid in at the time of the accident, and therefore was negligent and the cause of the accident.

The police report was unfavorable for our client. In our opinion, the investigating officer was biased.

We obtained several names of witnesses to the accident. Those witnesses interviews were key to proving liability. We have long promoted the concept that early investigation is the key to success in this case and all others.

On interview of those witnesses shortly after the accident, they refuted the officer testimony about operating his vehicle under lights and siren. Instead, he had chirped as he entered the intersection. No reason was given why he could not inch into the intersection, or wait for a green light. Because of early investigation, we prevented any witness from ruining our theme as well.

Ultimately, after deposition of all the witnesses and the investigating officers, the City settled with our client. This case demonstrates a real live example of the importance of early investigation by a competent California personal injurry attorney, and the results that come from it.

In the hands of an attorney not familiar with personal injury or less aggressive in locating the witnesses, this nice lady may not have prevailed. In fact, several attorneys turned this case down before she called us. If you need help, call us at 1 888 752-7474 for a free consultation.

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