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California Personal Injury Lawyers Explain Why It Is Important To Review All Your Medical Records Before Attempting To Settle Your Claim


Any time you withhold information you look as though you are hiding something. If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, you may be scared to bring up any preexisting conditions you may have, or previous injuries. You may be under utilizing a strength of your case, and may not realize how important it can be to be completely honest.

First if you hire an attorney, you want to disclose all of your information to the California personal injury lawyers you choose. This includes any past medical issues. Let the attorney decide what may be important to your case. Your attorney will be able to advice you what is significant to your case, and develop a strategy for disclosure pertaining to your case.

If your case goes as far as a court of law, your credibility is a significant factor, that you want on your side. If something comes out later that should have been disclosed from the very beginning, the omission can damage your credibility and this may have disastrous results that contradict what you may have expected. Once your credibility is damaged, you may never be able to regain this fully.

You need to remember that the other side is going to use anything that they can to ruin your credibility and this is why you should make sure that you are up front. It is much better for your California personal injury lawyers to disclose this information, in a light favorable to you rather then the other side learning of it and using it to their advantage. Even if the information is damaging, it is better to plan for and minimize damage rather than loose credibility..

As an example, if you have an existing condition that was re-injured in an accident, you have to disclose this information early to your treating physicians. They may be able to distinguish the difference of injury and even document things they normally would not document. You can still claim new injury and you should not think that your case is over because you have an existing injury.

You do need to visit a doctor right after the accident and make sure that your entire medical condition is well documented. You need to make sure that the California personal injury lawyers have full access to all of your records, even the ones from the past if they are relevant.

California personal injury lawyers will inform you of all of the other things that are needed to make your case strong. You should try to provide everything that your lawyer needs in a timely fashion to make an early difference. For more on past medical history, read our articles from our free accident resource center.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get your attorney involved early. They can save you time and money, developing a strategy for your personal case facts.

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