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All 50 states are looking forward to funding highway and local municipality projects thanks to the recently passed federal stimulus bill. Most states will receive money to upgrade roads, bridges and various other municipal projects to hopefully make our lives a little safer.

A recent study on the most deadly highways in America ranked 4 of the top ten deadliest roads right here in Southern California. One surprising fact is that these are all interstate highways. Normal expectations are that deadly road accidents involve rural, windy country roads, and while they are dangerous also, these highways are dangerous for a variety of reasons.

I-15 in San Bernardino County was ranked #1 in fatalities during the last five years, and our experience in representing victims of this stretch of road is the same. Ironically, it is dangerous because it is so straight and wide that it is implicated in so many accidents since many drivers fall asleep driving on it. Additionally, alcohol is a factor since this is the major thoroughfare between Southern California and Las Vegas. If you need to consult with a California accident attorney, chose to do so sooner rather than later, so that evidence can be preserved.

I-10 in Riverside County, I-5 in Los Angeles County and I-5 in San Diego County all placed in the top ten. Whether you are driving on local roads or large interstates, keep your focus to avoid any personal injuries or accidents. Of course if you have been a victim of such a collision contact an attorney that specializes is personal injuries in California to protect and preserve your rights.