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In a recent California truck accident case a semi truck pulled unexpectedly from a stop sign striking a motorcyclist and killing him. The motorcycle rider was survived by four children. The four children were adults and so therefore id not rely upon the deceased for support.

In wrongful death cases of this nature, where liability may not be in dispute, and is relatively clear, the valuation mainly focuses on the value placed on the loss of life. In loss of life cases, not only is the loss of care love of society evaluated, but also loss of earnings and support.

The surviving family sued the driver alleging that he had failed to keep a proper lookout before pulling from the stop sign. The case settled for $1.75 million paid before trial based upon the damages and loss of consortium of the family.

Wrongful death claims never fully compensates the family for the loss of their loved one. In this case, there was at least an attempt at Justice and a conclusion by the family that the settlement was satisfactory, avoiding the hardship of trial.

A competent California truck accident lawyer understands the implications of wrongful death our family who may not even be relying upon their deceased father for support. This case demonstrates not only the need to hire a California truck accident lawyer, but also a lawyer that understands wrongful death valuation and can successfully obtain compensation for the family.

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