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Does saying you are sorry for causing an accident or injury really do any good?


In a recent Orange County article to Dear Abby, a passenger complained that the driver of the vehicle she was in, a 20 year long friend, never bothered to call and say she was sorry for causing an accident or even check to she how she was recovering after her injury. Are we in an age where saying you are sorry is not chic?

This topic is often repeated in our offices regularly. It is bad enough that a person causes an accident or injury, it is
worse when they do not say they are sorry, and worse still if you know the person. Potential clients constantly come to our office because they have been wronged and the offending person did not have the decency to at least apologize.

Worse, the at fault person is more concerned about their insurance rates or their property and therefore deny the accident was their fault, or blame it on a “Phantom driver” that got away. Recently our office signed up a case where three witnesses confirmed that the drunk driver hit our client and there was no Phantom car. Of course the insurance company for the drunk driver did not want to pay our client to fix her car because their drunk insured declared the accident was not his fault but the fault of this mysterious car that “Cut him off”. We will prevail but at what cost.

The client must await delay while processing her modest claim. She had to hire an attorney for a routine case and with little injury. She had to go to the doctor, and who paid for that… her. The story will have as happy an ending as it can, but the truth is that an apology to our client and an admission to his insurance carrier that he caused the accident would have caused so much less harm to the victim.

Imagine a world where we return to those morals taught to us by our parents, that meant you stood by your name and word. Until that time, you will have to call me when you are struck by that driver more interested in beating the system than doing the right thing.

Yours Jim Ballidis

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