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Drunk Driving and How to Spot and Protect Your Family


While driving down the road it is a common occurrence to see signs dedicated to the memory of someone killed by a drunk driver with the notice “please don’t drink and drive”. Though many of us breathe a sigh of disappointment and sadness whenever we encounter these signs it amazes me how the dangers of drunk driving still don’t phase thousands of people even with the dire consequences. In my line of work as a a California injury lawyer I am constantly interacting with individuals tragically effected by drunk drivers. If the tragic loss of life, and the physical and psychological injuries suffered by the victims isn’t enough reason to stay sober behind the wheel I don’t know what is.

Here are some sobering facts on drunk driving.

· Roughly 65% of fatal car accidents in the United States were brought on by drunk drivers.
· There are two million alcohol related auto accidents every year.
· The average drunk driver has a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .20 which is double the legal limit. In order for a 180 lb man to reach this level he would have to consume 14 drinks of 86-proof liquor over a 4 hour period.
· Between 7 pm and 3 am 10% of all drivers are over the limit.
· 80% of alcohol- consuming adults admit to drinking and driving.

Though drunk driving has been on a steady decline for the last ten years intoxicated drivers still contribute to 37% of deadly car accidents every year. In fact, there is a 60% chance that you yourself will fall victim to a drunk driver. But how are you to protect yourself against the reckless behavior of an intoxicated driver?

If your accident is in California, please call us. As a California auto accident lawyer, we can provide much needed advice and assistance to get you through such a traumatic event.

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