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DUI suspect hits multiple cars on Orange County California freeway!


One of Orange County busiest freeways was at a crawling pace recently when a series of accidents left a pile-up of cars and several serious injuries.

Witnesses driving eastbound on the 91 freeway a little past 9am began calling in reports of a reckless driver in a black Dodge Durango SUV. He began by rear-ending a 57 year-old woman. By then more reports were coming into 9-1-1 which reported this suspect driving against the center meridian and hitting yellow traffic dividers. After striking the center divider, he then careened through all traffic lanes and ended up on the right shoulder.

A Good Samaritan that had been providing information to the CHP was hit as well from behind before that driver hit several other cars. The right shoulder had several parked vehicles.
CHP officers had to forcibly remove the suspect, Richard Hildreth of Yorba Linda from his burning car. He was taken to UCI medical center to be booked on suspicion of DUI but officers said that he did have another underlying medical condition as well.

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