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Fog does not cause accidents on the Cajon pass in Riverside and San Bernardino California. Faulty truck driver judgment is the real culprit when such dangerous conditions exist, according to a California truck accident attorney.


Heavy fog is being blamed for a massive multi-car pileup in Southern California last week. Wreckage of at least fourbig rig trucks and several cars were strewn at least a half mile on Interstate I-15 in the Oak Hills area of the Cajon Pass. Fog does not cause accidents, poor judgment by truck and auto drivers, during such conditions causes accidents. Truck drivers, in a hurry to deliver their loads, do not slow down under such conditions. They also underestimate their ability to stop in such conditions. Many accidents are caused each year from fog, but anyone who has traveled this highway knows that fog comes and goes. It is the duty of the motorist and truck driver to slow down, and proceed more cautiously.

There were reports of several injuries as well as diesel fuel spills which brought hazmat teams to clean up the dangerous materials. Many of the injured were transported to nearby hospitals with minor to moderate injuries.

The Cajon Pass in Southern California is the major artery East of Orange County. It transports traffic between the low desert cities and Riverside County. It was closed for most of the day causing huge traffic delays during the massive clean-up.

Our firm is all too familiar with the Cajon pass and the injuries and damages it causes to others. Whether it is fog, snow, rain or simply trucks traveling too fast, it is a major source of personal injury to motorists. If you have been injured in an accident similar to this one, you need a California personal injury attorney to handle your case. Multi-car accidents can be more complicated and you need an expert on your side. Contact Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie for a comprehensive review of your situation.