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Four men honored for saving a woman from vicious attack.


Laguna Hills City Council recently honored four men who courageously saved a woman from probable death from a vicious mauling of three bullmastiff dogs.

It was last December when one of the men, Ed Barnard was standing on his front lawn. According to city reports, one of the dogs bit him but he was able to tear him away. While on his phone to call emergency services for his wounds, he heard a woman screaming. Barnard and his neighbors came after the dogs with shovels and sticks to distract the dogs.

By the time they reached the women, the three dogs had nearly ripped off her arm and she almost died. Another man, Jim Warren used his body as a shield to cover the woman until the others distracted the dogs away. The 61 year old woman underwent over 8 hours of surgery but is now recovering. The men described the incident as a very traumatic and intense situation.

These four courageous men are indeed heroes!

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