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Halloween Hit-and-Run: How Big Is the Problem in Orange County?


Orange County residents had more to fear last Halloween weekend than scary costumes and haunted houses after five pedestrians and bicyclists were struck and killed in less than forty-eight hours. One accident in Santa Ana left locals especially horrified: on Halloween night a speeding driver struck three teenage trick-or-treaters and fled the scene, leaving them to die in the street. Once authorities apprehended the driver they discovered that he had been driving on a suspended license from an August conviction for hit-and-run and DUI and that he had an extensive criminal record.

How Common Is Hit-and-Run in Orange County?

Although we hear about hit-and-run accidents in the news somewhat frequently, Orange County ranks just below average for its incidence of such collisions, placing 22nd in a comparison of 58 counties in a California Office of Traffic Safety ranking system in which 1st place is considered the worst. Hit-and-run was a factor in 935 of the crashes that resulted in injury or death in the county that year. Compare this to Los Angeles County, which ranked the 2nd worst for hit-and-run and where it was a factor in 5,893 crashes.

What Are the Rights of the Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents?

Apprehending the driver responsible for a hit-and-run accident is crucial to the victims’ ability to seek compensation for the expenses related to their recoveries or losses through the civil claims process. Once the drivers have been arrested, civil actions, as well as criminal charges, may be filed against them.

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