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Health Care Directives and Their Real Purpose, Your Comfort and Wishes Fulfilled.


Although five years has passed since the high profile death of Terry Schiavo, still only 20% to 30% of all adults actually have end-of-life plans; living wills, medical directives, power of attorneys and other tools that help the surviving family members cope with major decisions that will need to be made.
As you might recall from the Schiavo case, family members all had different stories of what Terry “would have wanted”, and the family and attorneys ended up at the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, just speaking your desires to your husband or wife does not automatically ensure that your requirements will be honored. It must be stated in writing to ensure that your needs are fulfilled the way you prefer.
Specifically, the Advanced Health Care Directive, along with a living will, is the best way to make known your health care wishes if you are incapacitated and can’t communicate your requests. See our will and trust site for free and thorough information about these topics In order to promote awareness of this difficult to discuss topic, Friday, April 16, 2010 is being promoted as “National Healthcare Decisions Day”. In a recent study by the National Healthcare Decisions Day Coalition, NHDD, more parents would rather discuss drug use or sex with their kids rather than speaking to their parents or kids about end-of-life wishes. There is a real disconnect when discussing this subject within family and the more
Here in California, the law gives you two options for your directive; you can either appoint another person who can make the decisions for you or you can be absolutely positive your desires are made known through writing your own advanced directive. Either way, it’s important to meet with a professional lawyer that specializes in these matters to discuss your legal options.
An experienced lawyer will discuss options that will benefit you and your family and since there is not one document that fits all, it’s worth spending some time educating yourself on how to ensure your peace of mine.
Durable power of attorney, Do not resuscitate document, Health care directives, different wills-what do you really need? Don’t wait until a crisis only to find it’s too late to put your wishes in writing. Visit a professional law firm like Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie today for a free consultation.

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