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Is cell phone use like smoking – long term it will probably kill you!


Cell phones produce heat, as anyone who has been on the phone can attest, after a few minutes. Heat has been known to cause destruction of cell membranes and was thought to increase the possibility of brain tumors. However, less visible is the electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone. There has been wide speculation that this radiation may also cause injury to the brain and or several types of cancer. In a call to action, many studies were orchestrated over the last 8 years and, like global warming and the debate about tobacco in the 60’s, it is not surprising that there is disagreement.

A number of Independent studies have concluded there is a higher risk of brain cancer in users of cell phones, particularly in young users less than 18 years of age and in those that use a phone for more than 10 years. Some studies have estimated the risk as high as 240%. Now do I have your attention. Cell phone industry sponsored studies have naturally declared such conclusions groundless. Who is right!

As a California personal injury attorney of 25 years, I have seen the willingness of large industry to slant the truth about safety for profit. Tobacco was the recent Goliath to fall, but car manufacturers, crib manufacturers, and a slew of other products I have written about over the last few years, demonstrates that manufacturer studies are not to be trusted as reliable.

In response to growing global fear the increased risk of cancer might be true, a huge undertaking was initiated to do a global, multiple country assessment of these risks. Four years ago the data was finally compiled, but to date, no report has been issued. It is suspected that the researchers have significant disagreement about the results and conclusions to publish. It would be silly to think politics and economic influences are not also in play in such a serious and large effort.

A group of researchers has now come out with a report, “Cell Phones And Brain Tumors. 15 Reasons For Concern.” In this report, they point to the lack of conclusions in the most recent global phone study as evidence of concern, refute many corporate studies with other study comparisons and give 15 grounds for you and I to be concerned about cell phone use and brain tumors. I would recommend you read the report yourself, and see if you are not persuaded cancer from cell phone use is a real and dangerous concern. Just the list of researchers that support the paper is worth a look, and comprises 45 scientists and 7 organizations from many countries.

Cell phone use is like smoking of the 60’s, everyone was dong it, and we relied on the government and big business to protect us. This may simply not be a viable in this age. I am thinking for myself and I encourage you to do the same.

Oh and by the way, if you are thinking this might be a great lawsuit next week if you develop brain cancer, think again. The laws in federal court require that at least there be an accepted scientific community consensus that your cancer was caused by phone radiation. We do not have that consencus now, and the skeptic in me supposes that the cell phone industry would like to keep it that way for many years to come.

James Ballidis is a California personal products liability attorney in Newport Beach California.

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