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Lake Forest Injury Lawyer Warns Of Children Dangers: Preventing Firework Injury


Many children dangers accompany the Fourth of July, especially firework injury. As the holiday approaches, hopefully we can make it a safe one here in Orange County.

As a member of the community of Lake Forest, California and an Orange County accident lawyer, I have enjoyed the best this City has to offer. My daughter receives a great education at La Canada, we have many friends, and, of course, the City and our community provide so many activities and interesting opportunities. In fact, one of the fun things to do has always been to enjoy the Fourth of July parade, small but interesting, and then watch the spectacular fireworks at Lake Forest Keys.

As a Lake Forest accident lawyer, I do see through a skeptical eye sometimes, always hoping that my family will not be hit by the tragedy that accompanies accidents. Every year, children somehow get hold of fireworks, and inevitably someone loses a finger, an eye, or even a life. There is no one to blame but the parents who helped the child obtain the fireworks, or failed to properly supervise their use.

Firework injury used to be much more prevalent, but with the continued regulation of sales and performances at local parks and regional locations, fun can still be had without as much danger.

Nevertheless, injury still occurs. What can we do? Here are a couple of suggestions that will keep us having fun all day, without spending time in the local emergency room.

1. Do not buy fireworks that are held in the hand. Even sparklers can be dangerous. Many injuries start from a simple sparkler. If you will be handing your child a sparkler, consider remaining next to him or her in case something happens.

2. Firework packages are fun to watch, but the temptation can be great for children to want to light them and be involved. Instead, ask them to watch as an adult lights them off.

3. Never throw a firework in the air or at someone. It goes without saying that tossing a firework, like an M80, is asking for an injury.

4. Accelerant is very dangerous and causes many injuries. Occasionally, someone has the idea to put lighter fluid on burning fireworks to create a bon fire. Fire leaps quickly and dangerously and can even penetrate the stream of accelerant, burning the hands and face of the person spraying it.

5. I want my family to enjoy the evening, and nothing is more spectacular than an aerial display of fireworks-much more than a package of local fireworks. Consider making a trip to one of the many free displays at our local parks.

As the month nears, I hope to see your family and mine have a great holiday.

James Ballidis is a Lake Forest resident of 12 years and an injury attorney at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie. His firm specializes in child and adult injuries and other accident-related claims, helping families since 1974.

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If your child has recently been injured in an accident, feel free to get answers at the accident recovery hotline or call 866-981-5596 for immediate assistance.

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