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Lookie-loo gets smashed while watching an accident scene.


“Lookie-loo” slowing is always a phenomenon at any car accident scene, but in the case of a recent Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spin-out crash, the onlookers created another crash scene.

On Friday night for some unknown reason, a sheriff vehicle spun out of control and hit the center median while traveling eastbound on the 210 freeway in Southern California.

While passing the accident scene, a big rig truck traveling westbound rear-ended another truck driver traveling in the same direction that had slowed to observe the accident across the road.

The freeway was temporarily closed to tow away the vehicles and transport the sheriff’s deputy who had sustained injuries. The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the original car crash but the second one will obviously be caused by some sort of distraction while driving. Whose fault is it, the party that rearended the other or the Lookie-loo? An argument can be made that the driver behind should be watching the road and the truck ahead of him, while he may argue that he had no reason to suspect the driver would slow to observe the accident across the road. In either case, the factual and witness evidence will be crucial to identify the real cause. Witness statements are very important in cases such as this and can mean the difference between success and failure in an auto accident case.

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