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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer Lists Things You Need To Do If You Were Involved In An Accident


If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in California, consulting a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer before making any statements to the other person’s insurance agent or adjuster could be decisive to your case. The call is free and you may save yourself a lot of trouble. Let me tell you why.

An accident attorney knows your rights after an accident, as well as the other party’s obligations. They are familiar with insurance company tactics, evidence and also what is and is not important. Just getting informed will help you, even if you do not need an attorney. As an example, a bicycle accident occurred in Manhattan Beach. The cyclist struck a car door as the motorist, not looking before exiting, opened her car door into the oncoming cyclist. The insurance company wanted to argue that the cyclist was responsible becasue he was riding fast and also allegedly came from behind the car to pass, so that the driver could not see him. The cyclist was not seriously hurt, but an e/r bill was enough for him to call. He did not need our services, but the call saved his claim. He had witness, and at our suggestion spoke to them before calling the adjuster back. Knowing what they would say, he shot down every sill argument the adjuster raised, and the insurance company settled his claim.

Of course if you need our help, you can ask us to consider representing you. Why would we offer this free call, simple, becasue you know people that bicycle, and you will refer them to us if they need representation.

Additionally, if retained, the attorney will select the proper evidence to construct a strong case, which will insure proper compensation for your medical expenses and property damage or loss.

The injuries incurred from a bicycle accident can seriously impact your life: pain and suffering, job loss or lost time at work, and prohibitively expensive medical bills. Your ability to build a persuasive case may be compromised, which could result in lost compensation. An accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation, establish a strong case, and advocate on your behalf, securing compensation commensurate with your losses.

Working with the insurance company may seem like a quicker and more direct route to a settlement. In many more significant cases, however, this is a tedious and unfruitful process: first you will have to establish that you were not at fault; then you will have to justify each and every medical bill you would like compensation for-often you will pay out-of-pocket until they approve the expense, they will take weeks to return your phone calls, and, then, they may argue they are not liable.

The settlement they offer you may not fully cover the medical care you need. Injuries, if not attended to properly, can have a long-term impact on your life. An accident attorney will insure that you receive the compensation you need to receive adequate medical care and move on with your life.

In some cases, you may need ongoing medical attention. An accident attorney will refer you to the right specialist. The attorney will communicate with your doctor and collect the information necessary for you to be compensated for your continued care.

After a bicycle accident, if you are more significantly injured, utilize the experience and expertise of an accident attorney to build a strong case for you. Focus on recovering from your injuries-your attorney will do the rest. Call us if you need help at 1 866 981-5596.

James Ballidis is an author of several books on accidents and injuries. His firm handles major cycling and bicycle accident cases in southern California. You can find his books at the firm web site of the Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney. You may also request free copies of his books on how to handle your own case if you are an accident victim in California. Simply call 1 866 9981-5596 or request your copy on the internet.

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