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Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Brain Injury From Truck Accidents.


Late last year, pre-med student Drew Bianchi was awarded just under $50 million in damages for the tragic truck v auto accident that left him permanently disabled from a brain injury. As a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, we see brain injury frequently after collisions. This is believed to be the highest non-punitive verdict in California history for an individual that has suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In May 2007, Bianchi was a passenger in a car traveling along Highway 152 in Northern California. This narrow stretch of highway that goes through Pacheco Pass is sarcastically known as “Blood Alley” because of the volume of accidents on it. The car that he was riding in was literally smashed between two large trucks.

One trucker was driving a huge Peterbilt truck and was severely sleep deprived. The other was driving a huge 18 wheeler and was talking on his cell phone at . At trial, both drivers accused each other for crossing the centerline, but the facts are that they crashed head on to each other then smashed into the other car.

The jury awarded Bianchi $27.5 million for future medical expenses as well as general damages, lost wages and past medical bills. He unfortunately will never realize his dream of becoming a doctor, but he will be cared for properly.

Automobile accidents are the main cause of TBI in people under the age of 75. Of the 1.9 million people who sustain this type of injury, 235,000 are hospitalized with serious injury and 50,000 will die. Until recently, doctors took a “wait and see” attitude because symptoms of TBI can be subtle and may not appear for days or weeks following an injury to the brain.
New treatments are rapidly changing the way TBI patients are treated in the emergency room. Since your brain controls everything we say, do, think and feel, it is imperative to react as quickly as possible to save cognitive function. The following are two new treatments that if successful, could limit damage to trauma patients.

Researchers have created a very promising new treatment that will be going to human trials in a couple of years. A remarkable gel that is created from stem cells is injected directly into the trauma site. It not only promotes healing but also limits the severity of secondary trauma injuries.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is another new treatment that is currently recruiting TBI patients. Previous trials have shown improvements of up to 90% with many symptoms such as headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep disturbances. If you are interested in participating in this clinical trial, contact the Hyperbaric Medical Foundation for further details.

Depending on your age, type of injury and severity, all patients will have some sort of lasting side effects. Over 5.3 million Americans cannot perform daily activities due to severe head trauma and need lifelong help.TBI can also increase your risk for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease The best way to prevent TBI is by wearing helmets while participating in outdoor activities and by doing your best to drive defensively to avoid accidents.

James Ballidis is a Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer, and author of several books on injury accidents. For more information about truck accidents please visit our truck accident library.

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