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Meaningful Messaging: An Accident Attorney’s Admission of Failure and Success


Many lawyers and other business owners ask me how we stay so busy, handling Los Angeles and Orange County auto accident and California injury lawyer cases. We have been blessed, but not by magic. Read my story and you can be busy also.

After 15 years of practice, it was frustrating when I receive a call from someone involved in an accident that hired the wrong attorney and had their case poorly handled. I use to say “why didn’t you come to me first.” Inevitably the answer was “I didn’t know about you or your resources until now.”

Do you have the same experience? Do you offer great service, great products but people simply do not know about you? It was easy to say “there is nothing I can do,” but several years ago, I decided to reach out to more people, let them know about our resources and services. I would make a huge mistake.

My goal was to have the majority of people in Southern California know where to find our free books, resources, web sites and much more. They could educate themselves on auto and personal injury accidents, and how to find and select an attorney in any field. But how would I accomplish such a task without spending millions on television and radio? More importantly, why would anyone listen? I had to learn a lesson the hard way, it was about messaging.

Naturally, the first step we took was to do what other lawyers were doing. Unfortunately other lawyers never had any marketing courses either and so we all just seem to be endlessly creating what I call the “Brag Bag”, endless print, web, advertising and yellow page productions of “our results, our passions and our commitment to clients.” Naturally we offered a “free consultation” but so do most lawyers.

In truth, that type of communication was completely off the mark. Not only did we fail to differentiate ourselves, be we also offered little or no meaningful help to the consumer. In short, no one cared to listen unless they had an immediate need, and even then they were reluctant to call.

That all changed when I met Rob Rutkowski at Fierce Selling Systems LLC. A marketing message expert, he awoke the giant within our practice, not by slick phrases, marketing slogans or new logo designs. Instead he simplified my objectives to three things, and as I continue to hone any skill I have acquired, these same themes reappear.

* Tap people who may be interested in your services on the shoulder.

* Give them a compelling offer that causes them to raise their hand and ask for help.

* Tell them how you can answer that nagging concern in their head.

While these concepts seem simple, implementing them is far more challenging. First just finding out where the people are located that may use your services can be a challenge. As Rob says, “You have to be where they are at that moment.” How will they find you? Are you advertising? Are you networking? Will you be on the Internet? Selecting a specific area you will occupy is your beginning step. But then “How will you tap them on the shoulder.”

I have found that a great deal of time needs to be spent developing the offer that is powerful, compelling and helpful. Believe me a “free consultation” is not going to communicate to these wonderful people. It neither answers their questions nor allows them to start the investment process into investigating you.

The offer, as explained to me by Rob, must be one that is low cost physically and emotionally, to the person examining you. It also has to compelling, and actually offer something more than a valueless offer to call you for a free consultation. So spend some time developing meaningful offers. Our book how to find a lawyer, despite the lawyer advertising hype, is an example. It shows how I find a lawyer in another area, and I am probably better at it than you are. You can develop, easily and inexpensively, a guide, offer or other thing of immense value based on your experiences, in what ever field you are in. Just ask yourself, would I find this useful? If yes, then offer it, and at little or no cost to the consumer.

Most importantly, you also have to answer a question that the person has in their head right then. Rob gave me a great example. Imagine I am searching for a refrigerator in an appliance store. I am in the right place, but you, the sales person, would never want to talk about dish washer sales. Talk about the questions in my head about refrigerators!

I guarantee that people concerned about an accident or injury are not asking in their mind about your skills, your years of practice, your career. They have their own questions. How long until I am better! What type of injury do I have? Who is going to pay for this? Answer these questions when you are communicating with them in all your print and internet access, and you will see an immediate spike in interest.

For sure they want to find a qualified lawyer, but first and foremost, they want to find a lawyer that understands their issues and their needs.

Filling that need, by offering a honest compelling message and honest, meaningful and compelling offer will encourage clients to come to you without haste. That is why we offer free books and materials on line and in the mail, created the accident recovery hotline, where they can search for helpful material and of course offer to give them specific information on their topic, the one that is bothering them.

If you are having trouble tapping someone on the shoulder, messaging, or developing a compelling offer, I suggest you contact a specialist, like I did. I am constantly reminded of my first encounter, where Rob said “What are you really offering that no one else has to offer. After all Jim, you are unique.” That caused me to pause only a second to realize I needed professional help.

Here is his contact information:

Rob Rutkowski Fierce Selling Systems, LLC direct: 949.951.2725 Portfolio: Facebook: Twitter or RSS:
James Ballidis is an author of several books on how to find a lawyer, settling your case and athlete injuries and recoveries. As a California injury lawyer for over 25 years, his firm has helped thousands soar above not just survive their accidents.

Contact a California injury lawyer or call 1 866 981-5596 if you want to take advantage of the many resources offered free to consumers involved in an accident.

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