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Yesterday, in Newport Beach, California a man driving a Porsche was implicated in a wrongful death crash involving the founder of Tapout clothing. Both may have been racing and the Porsche driver was arrested for DUI.

Amazingly, the other car wrapped around a pole, cutting the vehicle in half. The Porsche driver, and his passenger, pulled to a side street and tried to “walk away” from the scene according to Newport Beach police.

This is not the first time this driver had been arrested for DUI. No doubt feeling priveleged, he just thought he would leave the scene to others to help the accident victim and clean up the mess he was involved in, of course avoiding implication in the collision.

This societal trend is dangerous, and inhumane. In a world at war with terrorism and economic theft of Billions of dollars, it seems that more and more people are losing their moral compass. Left to only a few in years past, now it is more frequent than you could imagine that drivers flee a scene of an accident in the observation of this California personal injury attorney. The other driver may have been injured and not killed. This driver’s attempt to walk away may have contributed to the death directly.

In a recent case, a pedestrian was run over by a van. Instead of protecting the pedestrian, the van pulled to the side of the road. The driver, apparently unsure if he should stay, did not get out of his vehicle or even warn other motorists approaching. A second car ran over the victim. That driver stayed and called 911. The van driver fled. Had the van driver stayed, the pedestrian might have survived.

Penalty for fleeing the scene should be severe, as should causing a police chase for many miles. Until we set the bar high, and assure someone that fleeing is severely punished, giving them pause, drivers will flee. Why? I can only surmise, the loss of all moral obligation to do the right thing.

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