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On The Job Injury Does Not Always Mean Worker’s Compensation. You Should Consult With A California Injury Lawyer As Well


According to the latest government tracking data, workforce fatalities are down this year due in part to the depressed economy. Even though the construction industry is in decline, we still have several industries here in Orange County and Southern California that can cause serious injuries if the proper safety procedures are not in place. As a California injury lawyer, we are dedicated to assisting where we can to reduce needless injury. Here are just three examples.

Last week a massive explosion rocked Simi Valley’s industrial area where a man was killed while experimenting with hydrogen and oxygen while trying to generate alternative fuels. The accident happened while Realms employee, Tyson Larson was heating water in a pressurized container. The container exploded, killing Larson and injuring two of his co-workers. The blast could be heard up to one block away and the explosion was so violent that it caved in the roof. Cal-OSHA is still investigating but prior accident records indicate a similar explosion just 18 months ago.

Another recent industrial accident occurred in the Costa Mesa-based company Cera dyne. A 26 year old man is in critical condition after suffering traumatic injuries from flying shrapnel to the head and body. Initial Cal-OSHA reports state that the machinery failed but that the full investigation could take upwards of 3 months.

Many tragic accidents happen at the workplace here in California. In 2008, 465 workers tragically died due to unsafe work environments. In addition to general workplace dangers, industries such as construction and manufacturing have the lead in most fatalities. Seventy two people died in construction-related work last year, nearly one in four. By far the greatest personal injury occurring for this type of work involves transportation. Nearly half of all workers’ injuries occurred either transporting cargo or commuting to a job site.

Another major industrial accident in Los Angeles just last week claimed the legs of a meat packer utilizing a multi-blade grinder. For some unknown reason, his legs got stuck and he was rushed to a nearby hospital in serious condition. The doctors had to amputate his legs above the knees.

In catastrophic injury cases such as these, usually workers will receive employer mandated workers compensation. However, here in California, this insurance may not be able to cover all current and future medical costs, and never is pain and suffering paid. In some cases, these injured workers may need to file a third-party claim against a third party for negligence. This is a specialized area and a California injury lawyer is the only expert to review the case to see if you are able to bring an action outside of workers compensation.

How would you know if this is an option for you or your family? Obtain a private consultation with a California personal injury attorney at 1 866 981-5596 to discuss your claim, rights and options.

If you are an employer in the state of California, it is important to follow CAL-OSHA rules and regulations regarding workplace safety. Here are a few of the most important tips:
• In order to keep a safe workplace, create, execute and maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program.
• Identify potential unsafe conditions and perform regular inspections • Keep thorough record of onsite injuries • Communicate operating procedures to your employees and advise them of the options and rights under the law.
• Train employees properly in the use of potentially dangerous equipment • Report injuries immediately to the nearest Cal OSHA district office
You can obtain a full list of regulations at Cal-OSHA’s website at

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