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Many clients ask us how we maximize the results in our settlement and trial of cases. To be an effective advocate, it not only takes a thorough investigation into how an accident occurs, but also the ability to simplify, but with detail, the nature of injuries that have been sustained. As an Orange County accident attorney, we have on numerous occasions had to present complex injuries in a believable and understandable way to Orange County juries.

Take the example of a client that had sustained a serious complication to a simple surgery called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. This disease affects the autonomic nervous system and in the case of our client, caused her hand to turn blue and loose blood flow. This is not a disease that a typical juror may have come across in their lifetime. Therefore it is important to take the time to describe the specific injury, and what causes that injury, before you attempt to present your case value.

Taking the time to explain the cause of reflex sympathetic dystrophy took more than 3 1/2 hours of expert testimony. But, even before the jury had heard from the expert, a competent accident attorney will make sure, in opening statement, that jurors were very familiar with the causes and complications of the disease. New attorneys are sometimes afraid to discuss evidence to be submitted, because either they do not understand it, rely too heavily on the expert or simply want to avoid an objection. However, it is important for that accident attorney to have developed a working knowledge with the expert, so that it can be presented properly.

As an Orange County accident attorney for over 24 years, I have found that the more time that is taken to explain injury, the details of her surgery, the nature of the disability, and expertise required to correct the problem, the more likely the jury will award a significant settlement amount. But more to the point, many Orange County accident attorneys assume that insurance company adjusters understand the complications of injury and the need for surgery. I have seen demand letters from other attorneys that do not go to the necessary detail to explain the type of injuries sustained and why this injury caused extraordinary pain, disability or subsequent complications. Many demand letters I have reviewed don’t address future medical expenses likely to be incurred, or the complications associated with arthritic changes. I have even seen demand letters where a complicated cervical fusion procedure has been described in one sentence, as if the insurance adjuster understands what was done by simply mentioning cervical surgery. This is the sign of an inexperienced accident attorney and one that does little in their practice as a personal injury attorney.

A qualified motorcycle accident attorney will take the time to know your case, understand how your motorcycle injuries came about, or how that truck accident caused you unique symptoms, and will advocate for the maximum settlement based on factual understanding of the injuries and damages that were sustained. While it sounds simple to do, the truth is that the ordinary person, untrained in review of medical records, can and will miss the detail and subtle quotations by doctors and nurses, and lacks the investigative efforts to uncover the procedure’s complications.

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