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Orange County California Tour bus causes accident and


An Orange County-based tour bus crashed near Soledad, California, killing 5 and seriously injuring the other 36 tourists onboard. They had just concluded tours of the scenic Carmel and Monterey areas of Northern California and were headed on their way to Southern California’s LAX airport to return home to France. Most all of the injured were French citizens except the American driver.

According to current data with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the bus company, Orion Pacific had a good safety record until now. The company operates 12 buses that drive nearly a million miles per year and was rated among the top 10% of motor coach companies. There were significant personal injury to passengers.

Obviously, something went horribly wrong to have this many serious injuries. Investigators are now on scene and it will be some time before we know the actual cause of this horrific accident.

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