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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer Stresses The Importance of Reporting Drunk Drivers


Last week, the trial of Thomas Gallo, the young man accused of killing Angels’ rookie pitcher, Nick Adenhart and two others in a car crash on April 9, 2009, began in Orange County. Gallo has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder, felony hit-and-run, and driving on a suspended license while still on probation for a prior DUI. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in jail. At the time of the car accident, Gallo allegedly had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. His case illustrates the tragic consequences of drunk driving and the importance of reporting drunk drivers to the authorities, explains an Orange County car accident lawyer.

Every 31 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol-related accident in the U.S. but fortunately DUI death rates have been decreasing over the last 4 years. There are several reasons for the decrease, including greater awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, increased weekend checkpoints, and, in times of economic downturn, less people go out to restaurants and bars to drink.

DUI checkpoints and DUI enforcement through “Report Drunk Drivers-Call 911” are very effective in creating awareness of the problem. In California, DUI arrests have increased over the last three years due to more awareness and public community campaigns. The main goal is to remove impaired drivers from the road before they can cause a serious injury accident.

If you see someone who you suspect is drunk driving, it’s important that you report that person by calling 911. The California Office of Traffic Safety has compiled a list of typical signs to detect an impaired driver:

• Weaving across the road or straddling the center lane marker • Turning illegally or abruptly • Erratic braking • Stopping inappropriately
For a full list of signs, visit the website at
Additional information on impaired driving, distracted driving, and other subjects relevant to personal injury law is available free of charge to the public. To request and article or book, or to speak with an Orange County car accident lawyer, feel free to call 866-981-5596.

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