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Orange County has some of the most beautiful country roads in the United States. The qualities that make a country road special; two lanes, winding roads, beautiful vistas and rural nature add to the nostalgic feeling of a Sunday drive. However, most of these roads are not maintained properly and they have a high rate of serious personal injury. Although rural roads carry only 28% of the countries cars, they are accountable for more than half of all fatal accidents.

Ortega Highway, California’s SR74, has been called one of the deadliest roads in Orange County, if not the country. The road connects the cities of Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano via 30 miles of a narrow, winding road through the Santa Ana Mountains. Yes, it is scenic, but due to several years of faulty maintenance by the state of California, it has had over 16 fatalities last year and several serious personal injury accidents.

These types of accidents are often challenging due to the complexity of the case and the parties involved .The attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie have handled cases along this specific roadway and are familiar with the issues involved. If you have been injured or know someone who has had an accident along Ortega Highway, or any highway, please contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. They can handle the process of dealing with the negligent agencies while you work on recovering from your injuries.

Another dangerous road is located in the canyon areas in Southern Orange County called Live Oak Road. This road links Lake Forest to Trabuco Canyon, winding through overhanging oak trees and beautiful canyon landscapes. Unfortunately for Lake Forest resident Marc Daneo, this motorcyclist died last Sunday when he lost control of his Harley motorcycle. The area where he died was just south of Shelter Canyon Road, an area that is lined with makeshift memorial crosses and helmets. Unfortunately, he is not the only fatality in this area and although the CHP does monitor the speed limit in the area, it is obvious that many people are seriously hurt or killed on this road each year.

Three other dangerous roads here in Southern California are worth mentioning as well. California state road 138, also known as Pearblossom Highway in the Antelope Valley; the famous Route 66 in the Inland Empire and Interstate 5 between Barstow and the Nevada state line. All of the roads make the infamous list, “most dangerous roads in California” based on a MSNBC dateline special on dangerous roads in America.

As motorists, we do have a duty to remain alert and maneuver our vehicles correctly, but on the other hand, state agencies do have a duty as well to keep our roadways safe and prevent injuries. Most roadside fatalities and serious personal injuries are preventable. Examples such as proper road signage, warning of upcoming dangers, properly maintained shoulders, guard rails, pothole maintenance and proper banking angles on curves are just a few factors that, left undone, can make a general road into a dangerous road.

If you see a something on a roadway that appears to be dangerous, take a picture and send it to local authorities who are responsible for the transportation upkeep in your area. Let’s keep the pressure on those responsible so we can all enjoy a nice drive on our beautiful country roads here in Orange County.