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Avoiding a dog bite can be a precarious effort. If you run, you entice the dog to chase you. If you yell and scream in an attempt to intimidate the dog, you can actually frighten the dog and in so doing may instigate an attack. If a dog is barking or growling at you, it may be attempting to show you aggression or fear. Are these attacks avoidable?

In our client’s case, attack could not be avoided. The dog had escaped the backyard of the neighbor’ s house, and had attacked our client’ s dog. When our client attempted to separate them, he was attacked as well. Although he received a $325,000 settlement, for the injuries he had sustained, an after-the-fact settlement still means our client was a victim.

Several dog experts in recent years have proposed methods for avoiding an attack by a dog. However, those methods have been met with mixed results. As alluded to earlier, if you attempt to out run the dog you will likely be brought to the ground from behind and sustain more serious injury. There are several things you can try however that will minimize the possibility of an attack.

1. Don’t look the dog directly in the eye. By avoiding direct eye contact, you minimize your appearance of aggression to the dog. Many times you will see the dog become more passive attitude you can move away from each other slowly yet effectively.

2. Don’t run at the dog. As a personal injury attorney I have seen a number of cases where a client has attempted to scare the dog by running at it. While the dog may initially begin to turn and flee, in the confusion of the moment more typically the dog circles and attacks from a different direction. Instead simply remain still and if you can’t relax. By relaxing, the dog’s primal instinct seems to improve its disposition.

3. Some experts have suggested that you show dominance by screaming or yelling to establish authority. Clients that this personal injury attorney has represented has not seen not as effective tool. However, it may be worth your while to appear larger than you are by standing tall in a wrecked, using your code to make your appearance wider and by standing your ground at least until an attack is imminent.

It is an attack is unavoidable, protect yourself with your hands and legs. Injury to these extremities is more readily resolved in significant biting her thrashing of the torso neck or other vulnerable areas. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 1 888-752-7474. As an expert attorney dedicated to representing dog bite victims, we will provide you with competent and experienced representation that will maximize your damages award.

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