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Pacoima: Truck Ran Red Light, Seriously Injured Boy


At about 9:45 a.m. on Monday, February 25, the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light, causing a crash that seriously injured a 5-year-old boy and three others in Pacoima. The collision between the truck and the minivan occurred at the intersection of Van Nuys Boulevard and Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Emergency responders airlifted the boy and his mother to the hospital, while two toddlers were transported via ambulance. Authorities are investigating the crash.

“When a driver violates traffic safety laws and consequently causes harm to others, he or she may be held liable for the expenses associated with the victims’ recoveries,” explained California car accident lawyer James Ballidis.

In 2010, 72,010 people were killed or injured in collisions that occurred throughout Los Angeles County, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. Traffic signals and signs were a contributing factor to 112 of the fatal and 12,799 of the injury crashes that occurred in the state that year, according to the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System.

All of us at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to wish a full recovery to the boy and the three others who were injured in the collision with the truck that ran the red light.

The Los Angeles Daily News originally reported this Pacoima crash.

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