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Porcelain Dolls Resembling Little Girls Left on Doorsteps in San Clemente


Earlier this week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department received reports that porcelain dolls had been left on the doorsteps of eight homes in the upscale community of Talega in San Clemente. The impacted families expressed concern to authorities that the dolls bared an eerie resemblance to their daughters.



Authorities immediately began investigating the matter. After interviewing the families, they were able to link the dolls to a female adult who lived in the local community and attended church with many of the families. She admitted to leaving the dolls on the porches of her neighbors; however, it was determined that her motivation was out of goodwill. The investigation has been closed.

Given the resemblance of the dolls to the girls living in these homes and the way they were anonymously gifted, it’s not surprising the recipients were alarmed. Fortunately, the case was solved quickly. Next time the woman wants to give back to her community, hopefully she won’t choose such a creepy way to do it.

What do you think? Would you have been worried if you found a porcelain doll resembling your child on your doorstep?

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