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Recreational Vehicles or RV’s are a popular way for families to enjoy a summer vacation. The RV market is a 15.75 billion a year industry with both sales and lease agreements combined. However, if you own or lease one of these larger vehicles, check which tires has been installed because with the increase of RV’s popularity has also come an increase in accidents and major personal injury due to uneven loading, faulty tires and rollovers. The main problem is tire blowouts, specifically involving Goodyear and Toyo Tires.

The Goodyear 159 or G159 is actually a heavy truck tire made by Goodyear specifically for recreational vehicles. Manufacturers such as Fleetwood and Monaco used this tire with an exclusive agreement with Goodyear. They were assured that this tire was suitable for the large Class A type vehicle. Unfortunately, this tire could not sustain the high loads placed on it by shifting weights of a large vehicle.

The initial recall was back in 1999 after several accidents, but unfortunately, these tires are still on the road today. The main problem with these tires is that RV’s have a lot of weight with fold-out patios, TV’s and other heavy items. They are also typically used for an extended period of time and so a combination of overuse and heat can lead to tire tread failure and belt separation. These all seems to be a clear case of a defective product but the manufacturer, Goodyear is not conducting a further recall.

A recent report was published earlier this year by Sean Kane of Safety Research and Strategies. In the article, Kane stated that Goodyear had destroyed significant testimony that was taken in one of the earlier depositions that was for a lawsuit that was settled out of court. In the deposition, the Goodyear official reportedly admitted under oath that Goodyear knew that the Goodyear 159 tire was not suitable for RV use and was inadequate for use on class A motor homes. Moreover, not only did Goodyear know about these problems but the RV manufacturers such as Fleetwood and Monaco knew about this as well.

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If you own or are just renting an RV this summer, having a good tire inspection is one of the best safety tips you perform for your family’s well being. Others driving tips include:
· Check for tire recalls
· Maintain proper air tire pressure and tread depth · Watch your weight distribution; secure heavy items and place heavier items close to the ground and maintain a low center of gravity.
· Take an education driving course before heading out in your new vehicle. RV’s are much larger than vans or SUV’s and have multiple blind spots. Remember that it will take extra time to stop so watch your speeds as well.