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Should a school district use budget cuts to endanger our children in Orange County, California?


Our office was recently retained by the parents of a young elementary child who severely “hooked” his finger while playing on a school basketball court. The accident was completely avoidable.

The metal net was broken, and a hook was hanging off the net, low where a child’s hand to become tangled in it. As the child jumped up for a rebound, the hook caught his finger, hooked and tore into the flesh. He may have severe nerve damage.

The question to ask is whether school officials will blame budget cuts for leaving a condition like this for children to injure themselves. In this California personal injury lawyer’s opinion, the answer should be a resounding no.

When we listen to the budgetary woes of administrators in our school districts, we are compelled to participate in bake-offs, PTA rallies, runathons, sell magazines, and even help our children with direct donations. What I simply can’t understand is why ordinary maintenance and typical protection of a child cannot be done within the budgetary constraints given these schools. Simply put, how much would it cost for a janitor, a principal, or even a teacher to climb on a three foot ladder and take the hook that holds the broken net chain off the hoop so that this young child does not sustain a serious injury.

Our government officials that run our school districts are out of time, and we’re out of patience. As a member of the PTA and as a father of a 10-year old daughter, I will accept nothing but absolute integrity in the protection of my child when she is on school grounds. You should request nothing less from your school district.

School officials have for ages demanded more and more money, increasing and increasing budgets, that are designed to keep our students educated and safe. Despite all the money allocated to it, this totally avoidable accident occurs and I say it’s absolutely ridiculous.

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