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Teens distracted when driving: an attorney is taking teens to task! Or could it be the other way around?


Seattle accident attorney Jason Epstein is the founder of Teens Against Distracted Driving, TADD, TADD, a movement to arrest the continued dangers that texting poses when driving a car. Teens are invited to take a pledge on line, and if they do so in Washington State, they are provided a free wrist bracelet.

In an unusual turn of events, the attorney is now finding out the power and interest that teens can generate. Momentum is building and he may not be able to afford the bill if teens keep up the pressure. Only launched a short time ago, TADD is building critical mass. Teens are taking the pledge on line from all over the country. Therefore Jason had to solicit the help of other attorneys to foot the bill. He is not complaining though! “The injuries and accident levels are epidemic,” he said in a recent call to me. He now has 10 attorneys all over the country pledging support to provide a free bracelet. More may be needed!

Now he is also being asked to speak to teens at local schools in the Seattle area. He has agreed and expects even more interest in the coming weeks. The bracelet reminds us of our pledge to avoid texting and driving, because it is dangerous. If we can break our newly developed habit early, many lives can be saved.

I know of the tragedy caused by accidents of this kind and we report often on the subject of texting while driving. Pledge to stop texting and driving and receive your free bracelet. We can stop this horrible killer that also causes great grief to the driver. Also remember that if you cause injury or death in California while texting, you can be tried in criminal court for involuntary manslaughter. The DA’s are prosecuting these cases routinely to send a message.

I will do my share for California. If anyone takes the pledge, I will sponsor sponsor in California. At least one other attorney has agreed to sponsor as well in San Diego, the Jurewitz law group.

After speaking with Jason today, he suggested that I also offer my speaking services as he has. He is a hard man to turn down. I have agreed, how could I say no! Call my office and I will arrange an engagement to any group in Orange or Los Angeles County, California. 1 866 981-5596. As an accident attorney of 25 years, I have plenty of stories to share of the horror caused by distracted driving. Saving a future disaster from happening would be a wonderful way to spend my day.

Catch the wave and take the pledge.

Jim Ballidis is an author and attorney in Southern California.

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