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Texting while driving is dangerous, but teens have set out to change all that.


Lately, it seems that more and more deaths and serious injuries are related to texting while driving. The problem is systemic over all age groups, but a movement is underfoot to rally teens against the practice.

The web site Teens Against Distracted Driving offers an opportunity for teens to stand up and be counted. In an unusual movement, teens are making a pledge to stop texting while driving. Their pledges are tallied and will soon become a large contingent of teens devoted to policing themselves. The developer of the site suggests that soon the number of teens taking the pledge will be listed on the site by state. What is even more interesting is the impact this pledge may have on adults, family members and other friends.

With the pledge, the teen receives a free bracelet to wear that confirms their pledge. It is bound to offer additional questions about the pledge and spur more effort to remind us all that texting kills.

I have written in the last year of many texting accidents that have caused serious injury or death. Even the driver’s life is ruined, sometimes a teen, when convicted of involuntary manslaughter because of an errant distraction on the road.

Teens are doing something about it. I hope you will support the message, have those you know sign the pledge and proudly wear the bracelet to address this terrible phenomenon.

James Ballidis is an author and attorney in Southern California.

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