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Truck accidents kill more than 5300 people every year and a substantial number are due to driver fatigue.


Every year a substantial number of truck accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue. According to a recent post by a California Truck accident attorney, 5300 deaths were caused by truck accidents and the number is not declining each year. One reason according to the article is the ability of a truck driver to work more than twice as long as a normal worker during the month. With little rest, the accident can be devastating. This Los Angeles truck accident lawyer documented that 830 deaths occurred in California and a whopping 12% were related to truck driver fatigue. That amounts to over 90 deaths due to this one factor.

Here are some safety guidelines to avoid truck accidents.

Do not driver next to trucks. Move ahead or behind them so that you can get out of their way.

Do not change lanes in front of a truck unless you have made sure that there is substantial distance between you and the truck, much more than you would take if a car were directly behind you. This will give the truck driver more time to react.

Keep a vigilance out for any erratic driving from a truck driver and report it immediately to 911.

Do not let a truck driver ruin your holiday by causing you or your family great harm. Stay safe. James Ballidis is a Orange County truck accident attorney located in Newport Beach, CA. For more information on Truck accidents and prevention, go to this California truck accident lawyer site.

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