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UFC champion causes auto accident and damages for loss of baby.


Ultimate Fighting Champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is being sued in Orange County Superior Court by a woman in Huntington Beach. Her attorney did not specify the amount of the claim but they did say they were seeking damages for the loss of her baby in the 2008 auto accident.

Just days after losing his UFC light-heavyweight-belt in July 2008, Jackson drove his truck erratically down Newport Boulevard, crashing into three vehicles. The lawsuit claims that Jackson’s truck continued to ram the woman’s vehicle in an effort to flee the scene.

She was taken to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach where three days later she lost her baby. She claims that the repeated trauma to her stomach by the steering wheel caused her amniotic fluid sac to break, ultimately causing the stillbirth of her child.

Jackson was arrested for misdemeanor reckless driving and pled guilty to evading police. He was ordered to complete community service, mental health therapy and pay for the damage he caused.

Even though Jackson has apologized, nothing can reverse the course of events.
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