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Washington Lawyer is doing something positive about texting and teen driving. Read this interesting article and support the cause


I found this interesting site recently, Teens Against Distracted Driving. I had a chance to talk with the founder, a Seattle wrongful death and accident injury attorney. Here is a portion of my conversation with Jason Epstein.

Jim Ballidis: Why did you start the site Jason?

Jason Epstein: As a Seattle auto accident attorney I have seen thousands of car accident cases. The most tragic are always those that involve young people. Unfortunately, our youth are engaging in dangerous behavior every day which puts them at much greater risk for being involved in a serious car accident. Texting while driving is an epidemic. I see this kind of injury As a Seattle personal injury and auto accident lawyer often.

Jim: Why do you think we are struggling to get people to stop this practice? Is it lack of education?

Jason: Some people simply can’t put their phones and texting devices down, even while they drive. This behavior is dangerous and irresponsible and it is most prevalent with teenagers. What makes this worse is that teenagers are also the most inexperienced drivers on the road and are already at a greater risk for getting into a car accident to begin with. The data shows that texting while driving is just as, if not more, dangerous than drunk driving.

Jim: So what did you decide to do?

Jason: I couldn’t stand by any longer without trying to do something. I launched Teens Against Distracted Driving to try to raise awareness about this dangerous and deadly habit. My hope is that by giving the TADD bracelets to anyone who signs the pledge to not text and drive that the next time they go to pick up their phone while they are driving, they will see the bracelet on their wrist and make the choice to wait to send that text. It could keep them alive.

I support TADD and I hope you will too, by encouraging your children, teens and even adults to take the pledge against distracted driving. James Ballidis is an attorney in Newport Beach providing services to injured victims in auto and truck accidents.

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