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Where Are Fireworks Legal in Orange County?

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve been celebrating our independence from Great Britain with fireworks since the first anniversary of the signing of the declaration declaring it. While many of us in Orange County will enjoy professional pyrotechnic displays near the beach this 4th of July, others may be wondering where they can set off some of their own-“safe and sane,” of course-fireworks. Below is a list of cities where they’re legal.

Orange County Cities that Permit State-Approved Fireworks

Buena Park Costa Mesa Fullerton Garden Grove Santa Ana Stanton Villa Park Westminster

Firework Dangers

On average, fireworks-related injuries send 240 people to the emergency room every day in the weeks before and after July 4th. A recent study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicated that the number of injuries associated with fireworks increased from 8,700 in 2012 to 11,400 in 2013. Injuries were often the result of users playing with lit fireworks or igniting fireworks while holding the devices, as well as of devices that malfunctioned or that did not work as expected.

Children under the age of 5 were injured more often than any other age group last year. In many cases, people feel comfortable giving children fireworks like sparklers and bottle rockets because they think these devices are less powerful. Sparklers, however, can burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees-high enough to melt some metals-and should be considered extremely dangerous. Last year, sparklers and rockets were involved in more than 40 percent of fireworks-related injuries.

Learn more about the dangers associated with fireworks and tips for handling them safely on the CPSC’s website.

All of us at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to wish your family and you a fun and safe Independence Day.

How will you be celebrating this July 4th?

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