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A number of articles in legal journals and newspapers have recently been pointing out what seems to be a significant increase in truck accidents at interstate interchanges. Our office as a California Truck accident attorney firm has also noted an increase in reported collisions and cases. Interchanges in California and in Orange County have been particularly noted. The 605 to 10 freeway interchange, the 5 to 57 freeway interchange 405 to 5 freeway overpass interchange northbound are just some of the examples. Why are we seemingly experiencing an increase in the number of truck accidents at these interchanges.

As a truck accident attorney, we frequently see the remnants of a truck accident and the damage that it can cause. It is been our experience in handling a number of truck accident victim cases, that with the increased speeds of vehicles and trucks traveling on the freeways, there is inadequate on-ramp off-ramp exposure to allow the truck time to merge or exit.

The prudent truck driver, of course, prepares for this contingency by early lane changes and by maintaining a safe speed. Unfortunately, in more recent accidents, truck drivers are either less experienced, less dedicated than their forbearer’s to safety, or there seems to be less policing of their driving habits.

It is not unusual, for instance, to see a large 18 will semi truck traveling in the number two or number three of a 5 Lane Hwy., rather than in the slower right hand lane. This makes other cars vulnerable to the erratic lane changes of the truck, and may even impede the truck driver’s ability to move over timely to enter or exit a freeway. Additionally, as evidenced by the recent case of criminal conviction of a truck driver, truck drivers are increasingly tired, over extending their trip times, and not complying with their duties and the law designed to protect the public using public roads.

Reconstructing our freeways does not appear to be a reasonable solution. The cost and congestion would undermine the effort and potentially cause additional accidents or collisions. Instead we would advocate that the policing of trucks be more rigorously enforced. In California, as Truck accident attorneys, would recommend that laws be adopted that only allow trucks to travel in Lane’ other than the far right, when passing are overtaking other vehicles or trucks. This would protect motorists from aggressive unexpectedly changes by semi trucks. As a personal injury attorney dedicated to reducing truck accident victims, I would also recommend that stiffer fines be imposed upon not only the driver but also on the company that they operate trucks for in the event that they are traveling in excess of 55 on our speed limit designed to protect motoring public.

Lastly it would be worthwhile for trucking companies to be required to adopt a periodic retraining and review of rules designed to protect motoring public and to hold those companies accountable if they cannot produce evidence of compliance with that effort.

None of these recommendations are urged at her in, but common sense. However until we required the trucking companies complied and bring their drivers to bear our roads will not be as safe as they seem to be 10 years previously.

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