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A dropped cell phone led to the untimely death of young woman on a popular stretch of the 405 freeway in Orange County California on Valentine’s Day.

Gladis Zepeda was driving her Chevrolet Impala down the freeway near Fountain Valley when she suddenly dropped her cell phone. According to California Highway Patrol, as she was searching for her phone, her car swerved across lanes and then she slammed into the center divider.

Since the headlights had been damaged and it was nighttime, it was totally dark but, Zepeda got out of the car to inspect the damage. Apparently another car was traveling in the carpool lane and did not see her or the car and hit them at regular highway speed. Ms. Zepeda was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two passengers in Zepeda’s car as well as two passengers in the other car were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. Distraction is a major cause of automobile accidents and in most cases, causes serious personal injuries.

While Ms. Zepeda could certainly be blamed for hitting the center divider and stalling on the freeway fast lanes, it is also of concern that the other driver could not see her vehicle and struck it without warning, braking or swerving. A thorough investigation by an accident attorney into that driver’s activities at the time of the collision is also warranted.

Of course passengers are non-negligent and may have claims against both drivers. On many occasions we have successfully represented stranded motorists, and motorists approaching stranded vehicles, depending upon the investigation we conduct.

If you have been injured, you need an experienced California accident injury attorney to assist you through the maze of insurance companies, car repairs and doctor bills. Call us for a free consultation at 1 888 752-7474 for all your personal injury attorney needs.

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